So many people have the thought that free cloud storage means that risk-free storage. Nevertheless, the fact is that like paid cloud storage, the free ones comes with the same risks and concerns. Listed below are 3 most common issues you have to deal with when using free cloud storage:

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The first common issue you often have to deal with is privacy. This is because of the reason that a vast majority of big cloud companies share user details. Nevertheless, the fact you need to keep in mind is that security and privacy are different from each other.

Pursuant to what experts said, security is top-notch, with almost all mainstream cloud firms. They, however, still keep an eye on user content, as well as share it with third-parties.

In the meantime, security, according to experts, deals with the question that whether or not you’re hackable. As said by experts, privacy means what you’re uploading can’t be snooped on by a cloud company.

Which in reality is the norm of cloud storage services, all major venders, including Box, iCloud, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc., can view and share files.

Nevertheless, there are cloud storage services, for instance Tresorit,, SpiderOak, and others which take privacy protection very seriously. In addition, they don’t retain any information about their clients.

The second issue you need to pay attention to is the crappy encryption options. As said by experts, encryption is something every user should know. This is because of the reason that it’s quite an important factor of cloud storage, paid or free.

Pursuant to what expert said, normally, the native encryption options that are available in free storage are non-existent or feeble.

Certainly, a direct route around this problem is that you need to encrypt data yourself before uploading it to the free cloud storage service of your choice.

Even if data encryption is not your need or intention, it’s still important for you to understand at least on a surface-level what it is, as well as how important it is to your business.

Another issue is customer support. It holds true that almost all cloud and backup services will offer users either phone, chat, or ticket support in order to help them deal with any personal issues that may occur.

However, if you are using free cloud storage, you cannot call a customer support member. This is because of the reason that free cloud storage services don’t come with customer support. However, according to experts, this doesn’t mean that support via other users or forums aren’t available.

Expecting to be treated like a paying client is what you shouldn’t do. This is because you’re not one. However, almost all mainstream cloud options are very well made as well as work smoothly.


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